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Welcome 2013-2014 New Members

Don Rathwell

Elayne Boismier

Helena Thornton

Carla O'Neill

Marion Bloye

Sue Hachem

Leona Nowakowski

Jill Brandana

Anne Gautreau

Zaineb Hussein

Linda Rex

Sherry Miller

Kim Foo

Nada Berry

Marlyne Kilbey

Adeeje Chamas

Lara Rusch

Jan Tjernlund

Abbie Bazzi

The 2013-2014 LWVDDH Board of Directors

Vice President



Director - Voter Editor

Director - Voter Service
Fund Development Co-Chair

Director - Voter Service

Betsy Cushman

Christina Sullivan-Rathwell

Mary Jo Durivage

Carolyn Buell

Adeeje Chamas

Sue Hachem

Zaineb Hussein

Kim Ismail

Dearborn School Board Candidate Forum

On Tuesday, September 30, at 7 p.m. the League of Women Voters of Dearborn – Dearborn Heights presenteed a candidate forum for the eleven candidates for the Dearborn School Board. There are three positions.

Candidates invited:
Michelle Audia, Rodger Bartles, Mariam Bazzi, Nofila Haidar, Ahmed Harara, Mary Anne Hering, Kenneth Jannot Jr., Ghinwah Karkaba, Michael Meade, Christopher Robert Paulsen and Mary K. Petlichkoff.
We appreciate the Dearborn Public Schools
for hosting the event

To view recordings of the forum:

On YouTube, The Districts Channel:
. . .
ComCast - Channel 19...
Wow - Channel 15...
Viewing Times:
Monday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am & 9:00 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00 am & 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

. . .
The Dearborn Schools Site:

Resources in Your Community

Resources in Your County

Resources in Your State

New United States Legislative Information Site

Many Thanks To Our
2013-2014 Supporting Donors

Kiwanis Club of Dearborn, Inc.

Dearborn Federal Savings Bank

Dearborn Rotary Foundation

Rotary Club of Dearborn Heights

Carmen Kossayda Gudan - Member

Marilyn Wilson - Member

Phyllis Brim - Friend

Leona G. Nowakowski - Member

Carolyn Blackmore - Friend

Anne Gautreau - Member

Mary Labb Brown - Friend
(In honor of my old memories of being a member)

Mary Bugeia - Member

Betsy Cushman - Member

Winnie Goeboro - Lifetime Member

Bettysue Pisula - Friend

Village Ford, Jim Seavitt - Friend

Dr. Alan L. Watson, DDS - Friend
(In memory of Joseph Bugeia)

Rose Wiggle - Friend

Dr. Stan Jensen, President, Henry Ford Community College - Friend

E. W. Kaiser - Friend

Bill & Janet Leslie - Friends

Kay Prout - Friend
(In memory of husband Peter and son James)

CTE Thomas P. Tafelski - Friend

Ruth Warner - Friend

Loretta Anderson - Member

Steven Adelson - Friend

Janice Berry - Member

Bob & Marge Bryer - Friends

Susan Dabaja - Friend

Judith & Tom Henn - Friends

Louise LeVeque - Friend

Donald L. Rathwell - Member

CTE John J. Riley II - Friend

Michael T. Sareini - Friend

Brian & Elizabeth Whiston - Friends
(In Honor of Mary Bugeia)

Pam Adams - Member

Anne Gautreau - Member
(In memory of Daniel Bittner)

Patsy Knoop - Friend

Judy & Mickey Patrick - Members
(In memory of Joe Bugeia)

Karen Marzonie - Friend

Ned Apigian - Friend

Anonymous - Friend

Spectrum Signs & Designs - Friend

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Dark Money in Michigan Politics
Presented September 23, 2014 by
Rich Robinson,
Michigan Campaign Finance Network

Sponsored Jointly by
* League of Women Voters of Dearborn / Dearborn Heights *
* University of Michigan Dearborn, Political Science Department *
* Henry Ford College, Democracy Institute *

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